Zora Neale Hurston and Short Stories

[By Kenton Rambsy]
Yesterday, I provided a complete list of short stories by Charles Chesnutt. I have extended my examination of identifying other writers in the “100 Novels Collection” that are also known as short story writers.
Today, I am providing a complete list of short stories written by Zora Neale Hurston.Even though many anthologies publish excerpts of Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston’s most famous novel, she made her mark as a prolific short story writer early on in her career.  
In addition to providing a list of short stories published by Hurston during her lifetime, I have rounded out the list by also listing short stories that were previously unpublished until the 1995 publication of The Complete Stories.
Short Stories by Hurston:
John Redding Goes to Sea (May 1921)
Drenched in Light (December 1924)
Spunk (June 1925)
Magnolia Flower (July 1925)
Muttsy (August 1926)
‘Possum or Pig? (September 1926)
The Eatonville Anthology (September- November 1926)
Sweat (November 1926)
The Gilded Six-Bits (August 1933)
Mother Catherine (1934)
Uncle Monday (1934)
The Fire and the Cloud (September 1934)
Cock Robin Beale Street (July 1941)
Story in Harlem Slang (July 1942)
High John De Conquer (October 1943)
Hurricane (1946)
The Conscience of the Court (March 1950)
Escape from Pharaoh (1950)
The Tablets of the Law (1951)
Previously Unpublished Stories:
Black Death
The Bone of Contention
Book of Harlem
Harlem Slanguage
How You Cookin’ with Gas
The Seventh Veil

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    1. The short stories are published in Hurston's Complete Works. Those works were previously unpublished until this version that I reference above. Thanks for the comment!!

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