Richard Wright and Short Stories

[By Kenton Rambsy]
Yesterday, I  provided a complete list of short stories by Zora Neale Hurston as a means of exploring how well known novelists in the 100 Novels Collection such as Hurston and Charles Chesnutt actually wrote in other genres.
Today, I am providing a list of short stories written by Richard  Wright. Even though, Wright’s Native Son helped to catapult Wright to national prominence of being a best-seller, selling over 250, 000 copies in the first three weeks, his collection of short stories “Uncle Tom’s Children” afforded him the finances to move to Harlem and begin writing his novel. In addition, Wright received a Guggenheim Fellowship from the same collection. Wright’s work as a short story writer is certainly significant as to how we understand his larger legacy. 

Big Boy Leaves Home
Down by the Riverside
Long Black Song
Fire and Cloud
Bright and Morning Star

Eight Men: Short Stories (1961)
The Man Who Lived Underground
Big Black Good Man
The Wan Who Saw the Flood
Man of all Work
Man, God Ain’t Like That…
The Man Who Killed a Shadow
The Man Who Went to Chicago