Kevin Powell Recap!

On Wednesday, February 17th, acclaimed writer and activist Kevin Powell spoke at KU. The event was co-sponsored by KU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, KU Athletics, the Office of Diversity and Equity, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, First and Second Year English, and KU First Year Experience.

Powell, author of the recent memoir The Education of Kevin Powell: A Boy’s Journey into Manhood (2015), spoke about the importance of education as a means to help eliminate many of the problems we face today, such as racism, sexism, and homophobia. In the black community in particular, Powell said, it is imperative that we know our own history, and we have a responsibility to educate others.

The talk was a discussion format. Powell engaged the audience by positing ideas and questions, encouraging collaboration. The event drew over 200 people from the KU, Lawrence, and surrounding communities. If you missed the talk, you can view it online at

The event ended with a book signing and photo opportunity. If you have not read The Education of Kevin Powell, I highly recommend it!

Thank you to all of our co-sponsors and those who came out for supporting the Project on the History of Black Writing.