ICYMI: The last Week in Black Writing (9/18-9/25)

HBW celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month. See 26 stories that have shaped the Latino community this month, compiled by CNN.

Author Ta-Nehisi Coates is set to write Marvel’s Black Panther comic book. Women and non-whites have been severely underrepresented in comics, but Black Panther will make history as the first black superhero to headline a Marvel film. Who is Black Panther? Click here to read more.

Barnes and Noble Review revisited the life of B.B. King in their Daybook series. BB King was born this week 89 years ago in “the most southern place on earth.”

The Washington Post highlighted a book by Damon Tweedy, Black Man in a White Coat. Tweedy’s memoir grapples with the graphic nature of racism in the medical community, both from colleagues and from patients.

NPR highlighted an interview of Stanley Nelson by Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. Nelson wrote and directed the new film, The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution. Nelson states, “What they were really doing was policing the police.”

Angela Flournoy, Barnes and Noble’s pick for its Discover New Great Writers award, sat down with Tayari Jones, author of 3 novels, to discuss Flournoy’s new novel The Turner House