HBW Celebrates 30 Years!!!

[By Goyland Williams]

In HBW’s 30 year history, there
have been a series of distinguished lectures, institutes, workshops, and
scholars, who have contributed much to the advancement of African American
Literature and Culture. The voices and faces that you will see and hear, are a
testament to the quality of work and outreach that the Project on the History
of Black Writing is committed to. Houston Baker, Eugene Redmond, Michael Eric
Dyson, Jerry W. Ward, Jr. and Dr. Maryemma Graham are just a few of the
prominent voices that you will hear on the subjects of black writing, black
poetry,  and black artistic/ expressive culture. 

The Look Back Series begins as an
effort to examine both the past and present. Where have we been
—and what new
directions are we willing to take?… are just a few of the questions that have

preoccupied HBW leadership for the past 30 years. Join us as we continue to
explore and celebrate the rich history of HBW.
Videographer: Brandon Hill 
Video Concept: Kenton Rambsy