HBW and the Blog: A Note from the New Editor

[By Meredith Wiggins]

In 2011, Kenton Rambsy created the HBW Blog with the aim of “extend[ing] the efforts of HBW by identifying and highlighting topics related to African American and America literature.”  He particularly wanted to draw attention to “black literary history, contemporary developments in the production of black writing, digital humanities, and literary scholarship that pertains to African American writers.”

Around this time last year, Goyland Williams announced that he had taken over as editor-in-chief of the HBW Blog.  He shepherded the blog through HBW’s thirtieth anniversary, spearheading the “Looking Back” Video Series that highlighted the contributions of current and former HBW contributors, like HBW founder Dr. Maryemma Graham, lead HBW Blogger Jerry W. Ward, Jr., Eugene Redmond, and Michael Eric Dyson.

With Goyland and Kenton both moving on to pursue other opportunities in their academic careers, I have been given the opportunity to assume the mantle of editor-in-chief by taking responsibility for the day-to-day running of the blog.  I’m also taking on the role of Project Digital Initiative Coordinator, helping to continue and expand HBW’s digital presence through social media and the digital humanities.

Who am I? 


My name is Meredith Wiggins.  I am a second-year Ph.D. student at the University of Kansas.  My areas of research interest include African American literature and culture, disability studies, Black feminisms, popular culture studies, and the digital and public humanities.  I’m excited to begin the process of working with HBW on a consistent basis.  

In the coming weeks and months, the Blog will introduce some new topics and recurring features, as well as continue the tradition of exceptional scholarship HBW has become known for over the years.  We’ll dig back into archives to feature insightful and meaningful posts from the past three years while also collaborating with new scholars to enrich our on-line presence.  And we’ll use the Blog to keep our readership informed of HBW’s other projects and of other important developments in the field of African American literature and culture, too. 

For the time being, the HBW Blog will be published on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Make sure to follow HBW on Facebook and Twitter, and feel free to add your voice to the conversation –  we welcome blog posts, comments, and/or suggestions for future directions!