Dr. Jerry Ward and the Project on The History of Black Writing

[Compiled by Goyland Williams]

This is long overdue. Since 2011, when the HBW literary blog was
founded, Board Member- Dr. Jerry W. Ward, Jr. has been its strongest supporter.
By supporter I mean, both in spirit and in words (literally).  Nearly 60 post (and counting), he continues
to offer the finest critiques and insights that one man can muster up. His
works range from philosophical insights of Richard Wright to the “democratic
perfectionism” of Eddie S. Glaude, Jr.
Not a stranger to those in American Literature and African-American
Literature, Dr. Ward’s voice is timeless. 
Below, I have compiled the blog posts that Dr. Ward has written for
HBW-chronologically. These posts have been invaluable for my research interests
and for the development of HBW’s online presence in Black Writing and Culture.


*Professor Jerry Ward Observes national Poetry Month: 30 Books for the “Cruelest Month”- April 11, 2011

*Tradition and Acknowledgment in Combat Zones- May 4, 2011
*Of Literature and Humanity- May 11, 2011
*Entering Another World- May 18, 2011

*Death and Life of Gil Scott-Heron (1949-2011)- June 9, 2011
*Provocative Fictions- June 15, 2011
*Digging Amiri Baraka- July 7, 2011
*Notes on John Edgar Wideman’s Fanon- July 12, 2011
*Ishmael Reed and Multiculturalism- July 18, 2011

*Playing in the Sunlight: Colors of Imagination, or Toni Morrison Revisited- September 13, 2011
*On Digital Scholarship…Blogging and Other Technologies- September 27, 2011
*Professor Jerry Ward on Nikky Finney’s Heartwood- November 25, 2011

*Aesthetic/Aesthetics/The (….) Aesthetic: A Note for Emrging Scholars and Critics- January 17, 2012
*April Poetry Blog for HBW- April 4, 2012

*To Hide And Hide Not- August 9, 2012
*Are We Losing Our Humanity?: Part 1-August 14, 2012
*Are We Losing Our Humanity?, Part 2.1- August 20, 2012
*Are We Losing Our Humanity, Part 2.2- August 27, 2012
*A Poetic Journey- August, 29, 2012

*Witherspoon: A Novel by Lance Jeffers (1983)*- September 10, 2012
*Black Literature and the Democratic Spirit- September 10, 2012
*Toi Derricotte’s Open Confession- September 19, 2012
*On Being Cool: A Cold Announcement- September 24, 2012
*Eddie S. Glaude, Jr. and Custodial Clowns- September 25, 2012

*Natasha Trethewey and the Eyes of Historical/Poetic Consciousness-October 4, 2012
*Ishmael Reed and the American War of Words- October 10, 2012
*On Richard Rorty’s Shadow of Pragmatic Hope- October 10, 2012
*Rowan Ricardo Phillips: The Revenge of Unfinished Modernism- October 15, 2012
*Our Poets are Our Dangerous Friends- October 19, 2012
*Paul Laurence Dunbar and the Souls of White Folk- October 26, 2012
*Richard Wright, Zora Neale Hurston, and Bad Blood- October 29, 2012

*A Lament for Ralph Ellison- November 6, 2012
*Thomas Sowell’s Post-Intellectual Novel- November 7, 2012
*Lance Jeffers (1919-1985): Writing Toward Balance- November 8, 2012
*Philosophy and Politics- November 9, 2012
*Eugene B. Redmond and Cultural Documentation- November 19, 2012
*The White Minstrelsy of American Politics- November 20, 2012
*The Excellent Absurdity of Legitimate Rape: A Note on Art and History- November 26, 2012
*The Death of African American Literature- December 17, 2012

*America’s Soul Unchained- January 7, 2013
*Condemnation & Redemption: The Works of Donald Goines- January 9, 2013
*Rereading Henry Van Dyke (3 October 1928—22 December 2011): The Pleasure of the Text
*Reading Sterling D. Plumpp- January 17, 2013
*Against Academic Tyranny- January 17, 2013
*A Poetry for Ordinary Use- January 28, 2013
*Inaugural Poems: Touching Bones of Consciousness- January 28, 2013
*A Blues Moment in Dusk of Dawn: A Note on Autobiography- January 29, 2013

*Incriminating Evidence and Interpretation- February 8, 2013
*Wesley Brown Revisited- February 13, 2013

*Houston A. Baker, Jr.’s Critical Memory- March 18, 2013
*Black Drama and the Alarm Clock- March 21, 2013
*Poetry in First World: An April Meditation- April 1, 2013
*Poetry in 1988: A Research Note- April 4, 2013
*Black Writing, Culture and Memory- April 8, 2013