The Coverage Of…Daniel Rasmussen’s—American Uprising

[Compiled By Kenton Rambsy]
Daniel Rasmussen’s—American Uprising: The Untold Story of America’s Largest Slave Revolt is the riveting and long-neglected story of this elaborate plot, the rebel army’s dramatic march on the city, and its shocking conclusion. No North American slave uprising—not Gabriel Prosser’s, not Denmark Vesey’s, not Nat Turner’s—has rivaled the scale of this rebellion either in terms of the number of the slaves involved or the number who were killed. More than one hundred slaves were slaughtered by federal troops and French planters, who then sought to write the event out of history and prevent the spread of the slaves’ revolutionary philosophy. With the Haitian revolution a recent memory and the War of 1812 looming on the horizon, the revolt had epic consequences for America.

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