The Coverage… Of Toni Morrison’s Home

[By Kenton Rambsy]

This May, Nobel Prize Winning writer Toni Morrison released
her 10th novel, Home. The relatively short novel (approximately 160
pages) offers alternative visions of American history focusing on racial and
social tensions after the Korean War.

Set in the 1950s, the novel disrupts the popular historical
narrative that this period in America was characterized by national harmony and

Morrison describes the novel as:

“The point was to take the creamy sloppy icing off of the
50’s. We think about the 50’s as some happy ‘Leave it to Beaver,’ Doris Day
era. I wanted to write about what it was really like,” Morrison said. “I was
sort of annoyed by the nostalgia that had gripped this country … after World
War II. Everybody was making money, and they were building houses and
fulfilling this so-called dream. But nothing is that pure.”

Certainly, exploring history and rewriting dominant historical
narratives may have consequences for how we interpret our current society. The focus
on Korean War veterans reintegrating themselves into society after their return
“home” from the war certainly has social relevance presently with Iraq and Afghanistan
soldiers returning to America to a tense political atmosphere.

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