A Comprehensive Bibliography on the works of Maya Angelou

[Compiled by Shayn Guillemette]
browse a comprehensive bibliography of works by poet Maya Angelou.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. New York:
Random House, 1969. Print.
Gather Together in My Name. New York:
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Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry
Like Christmas
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Collected Autobiographies of Maya Angelou
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Mom & Me & Mom. New York:
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Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water
‘fore I Diiie
. New
York: Random House, 1971. Print.
Pray My Wings Are Gonna Fit Me Well
New York: Random House, 1975. Print.
Still I Rise.
New York: Random House, 1978. Print.
Why Don’t You Sing?
New York: Random House, 1983.
Poems. New York: Random House, 1986. Print.
Sheba Sings the Song
. New York: Plume Books, 1987.
Shall Not Be
New York: Bantam Books, 1990. Print.
the Pulse of the Morning.
New York:
Random House, 1993. Print.
Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou
New York: Random House, 1994. Print.
Brave and Startling Truth
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York: Random House, 1995. Print.
Woman: Four Poems Celebrating Women
New York: Random House, 1995. Print.
 “From A Black Woman to a Black Man”, 1995.
New York: Random House, 2005.
“Mother: A Cradle to Hold Me.” New
York: Random House, 2006. Print.
“Celebrations, Rituals of Peace and
Prayer.” New York: Random House, 2006. Print.
for Young People
. Berkshire, U.K.: Sterling Books,
2007. Print.
“We Had Him”, 2009.
“His Day is Done”, 2012.
author of The Poetry of Maya Angelou, 1969. Contributor of poems in The
Language They Speak Is Things to Eat: Poems by Fifteen Contemporary North
Carolina Poets
and to Mary Higgins Clark, Mother, Pocket Books
(New York, NY), 1996.
Lessons in Living. New York: Random
House, 1993. Print.
Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now. New York:
Random House, 1993. Print.
Even the Stars Look Lonesome. New York:
Random House, 1997. Print.
Mother: A Cradle to Hold Me. New York:
Random House, 2006. Print.
Letter To My Daughter. New York:
Random House, 2008. Print.
Mrs. Flowers: A Moment of Friendship (selection from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings)
illustrated by Etienne Delessert.
Minneapolis, MN: Redpath Press, 1986. Print.
Life Doesn’t Frighten Me (poem), edited by Sara Jane Boyers, illustrated by
Basquiat. New York: Stewart, Tabori
& Chang, 1993. Print.
(With others) Soul Looks Back in
illustrated by Tom Feelings. New York: Dial, 1993.
My Painted House, My Friendly
Chicken, and Me,
photographs by Margaret
New York: Crown, 1994. Print.
Kofi and His Magic, photographs by Margaret Courtney-Clarke. New York: Crown,
1996. Print.
Angelina of Italy, illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell. New York: Random House,
2004. Print.
Izak of Lapland, illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell. New York: Random House,
2004. Print.
Renie Marie of France, illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell. New York: Random House,
2004. Print.
Mikale of Hawaii, illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell. New York: Random House,
2004. Print.
Hallelujah! The Welcome Table: A
Lifetime of Memories with Recipes
. New York: Random
2004. Print.
Great Food, All Day Long: Cook
Splendidly, Eat Smart
New York: Random House, 2010. Print.
(With Godfrey Cambridge) Cabaret
for Freedom
(musical revue), produced at Village Gate
Theatre, New York, 1960.
The Least of These (two-act drama), produced in Los Angeles, 1966.
(Adapter) Sophocles, Ajax
(two-act drama), produced at Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, 1974.
(And director) And Still I Rise
(one-act musical), produced in Oakland, CA, 1976.
(Author of poems for screenplay) Poetic
(screenplay), Columbia Pictures, 1993.
(Author of lyrics, with Alistair
Beaton) King, book by Lonne Elder, III, music by Richard Blackford,
London, 1990.
Also author of the play Gettin’
up Stayed on My Mind,
1967, a drama, The Best of These, a two-act
drama, The Clawing Within, 1966, a two- act musical, Adjoa Amissah,
1967, and a one-act play, Theatrical Vignette, 1983.
and Television
Black, Blues, Black! (ten one-hour programs, National Education Television),
Georgia, Georgia. Independent-Cinerama, Sweden, 1972.
All Day Long, American Film Institute, 1974.
PBS documentaries, 1975:
Who Cares About Kids & Kindred
(KERA-TV, Dallas, Texas)
Maya Angelou: Rainbow in the Clouds (WTVS-TV, Detroit, Michigan)
To the Contrary (Maryland Public Television)
Tapestry and Circles
Assignment America (six one-half hour programs), 1975.
Part One: The Legacy; Part Two: The
(writer and host), 1976.
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (writer for script and musical score), 1979.
(writer), 20th Century Fox
Television, 1982.
Brewster Place (writer), ABC, 1990.
of poetry) John Singleton, Poetic Justice (motion picture), Columbia
Pictures, 1993.
Down in the Delta (director), Miramax Films, 1998.
of songs, including two songs for movie For Love of Ivy, and composer
of musical scores for both her screenplays. 
Other documentaries include Trying to Make It Home (Byline
series), 1988, and Maya Angelou’s America: A Journey of the Heart
(also host). Public Broadcasting Service Productions include Who Cares
about Kids, Kindred Spirits, Maya Angelou: Rainbow in the Clouds,
and To
the Contrary.
Writer for television series Brewster Place, Harpo
and Plays (Acting)
Porgy and Bess, 1954–1955.
Calypso, 1957.
, 1960.
Look Away, 1973.
Roots, ABC, 1977.
by an Angel

(“Reunion”), CBS, 1995.
How to Make an American Quilt, Universal Pictures, 1995.
Runaway, Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions, 2000.
Family Reunion
, Tyler
Perry Studios, 2006.
Miss Calypso (audio recording of songs), Liberty Records, 1957.
The Poetry of Maya Angelou (audio recording), GWP Records, 1969.
An Evening with Maya Angelou (audio cassette), Pacific Tape Library, 1975.
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (audio cassette with filmstrip and teacher’s guide), Center
Literary Review, 1978, abridged
version, Random House (New York, NY), 1986.
Women in Business (audio cassette), University of Wisconsin, 1981.
Making Magic in the World (audio cassette), New Dimensions, 1988.
On the Pulse of Morning (audio production), Ingram, 1993.
Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey
(audio production), Ingram, 1993.
Phenomenal Woman (audio production), Ingram, 1995.
Been Found, 1996.
A Song Flung Up to Heaven, Random House Audio, 2002
Conversations with Maya Angelou, edited by Jeffrey M. Elliot, Virago Press (London,
England), 1989.
Maya Angelou (four-volume boxed set), Ingram (London, England), 1995.
(With Mary Ellen Mark) Mary Ellen
Mark: American Odyssey,
Aperture (New York, NY), 1998.

Contributor to books, including Poetic
Justice: Filmmaking South Central Style,
Delta, 1993; Bearing Witness:
Contemporary Works by African American Women Artists,
Rizzoli International
Publications, 1996; The Journey Back: A Survivor’s Guide to Leukemia,
Rainbow’s End Company, 1996; The Challenge of Creative Leadership,
Shephard-Walwyn, 1998; and Amistad: “Give Us Free”: A Celebration
of the Film by Stephen Spielberg,
Newmarket Press, 1998. Author of
forewords to African Canvas: The Art of African Women, by Margaret
Courtney-Clarke, Rizzoli (New York, NY), 1991; Dust Tracks on the Road: An
by Zora Neale Hurston, HarperCollins (New York, NY), 1991; Caribbean
& African Cooking,
by Rosamund Grant, Interlink (Northampton, MA),
1993;Double Stitch: Black Women Write about Mothers & Daughters,
HarperCollins, 1993; African Americans: A Portrait, by Richard A. Long,
Crescent Books (New York, NY), 1993; and Essence: Twenty-five Years
Celebrating Black Women,
edited by Patricia M. Hinds, Harry N. Abrams (New
York, NY), 1995; author of introduction to Not without Laughter, by
Langston Hughes, Scribner (New York, NY), 1995; author of preface to Mending
the World: Stories of Family by Contemporary Black Writers,
edited by
Rosemarie Robotham, BasicCivitas Books (New York, NY), 2003. Author, with
Charlie Reilly and Amiri Bakara, Conversations with Amiri Bakara. Short
stories are included in anthologies, including Harlem and Ten Times
Contributor of articles, short stories, and poems to national
periodicals, including Harper’s, Ebony, Essence, Mademoiselle,
Redbook, Ladies’ Home Journal, Black Scholar, Architectural
New Perspectives Quarterly, Savvy Woman, and Ms.