15 Dates of Importance, 1940 – 1970

[By Howard Rambsy]

1940 – Native Son by Richard Wright is published; the work is a
Book-of-the-Month Club selection.  
1941 –  Orson Welles directs stage adaption of Native Son by Richard Wright. Actor Canada
Lee stars as Bigger Thomas.

1941 – Richard Wright receives the
NAACP’s Spingarn Medal. 
1945 If He Hollers Let Him Go by Chester Himes is published.
1946 The Street by Ann Petry is published.
1952 Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison is published.
1953 – Ralph Ellison receives the National
Book Award for Fiction for Invisible Man.
1953 Go Tell It on The Mountain by James Baldwin is published.
1953 The Outsider by Richard Wright is published.
1953 Maud Martha by Gwendolyn Brooks is published.
1959 Brown Girl, Brownstones by Paule Marshall is published.
1962 And Then We Heard Thunder by John Oliver Killens is published.
1963 Lawd Today! By Richard Wright is published posthumously.
1966 Jubilee by Margaret Walker is published.
1967 The Man Who Cried I Am by John A. Williams is published.