The Poetry of Tupac Shakur

Celebrating the birthday and literary legacy of Tupac Shakur, the HBW has selected a few of his poems to present to our viewing audience. His poems reveal the influences—ranging from his mother’s involvement with the Black Panther Party and his boyhood/teenage friendship with actress Jada Pinkett-Smith—that weighed heavily on his life and creative vices. Tupac’s poetry stands as a testament revealing the literary connections to […]

The Coverage of… Tupac Shakur and the Celebration of his Birthday

June 16 marks the birthday of legendary rapper and street poet Tupac Shakur. Today, he would have been 40 years old. The songs and interviews recorded by Tupac during his lifetime provide audiences with a wealth of information to better understand the personality (or, personalities) of the late rapper. We are able to gain a better sense as to what diverse influences—namely those of the […]

The Coverage Of…The “Live” Performances of Gil Scott-Heron

[Compiled by Kenton Rambsy] Honoring the legacy of Gil Scott-Heron, the HBW has compiled videos of Heron’s live performances. These videos display Heron’s versatility as a musician and lyrical poet.    The Live Performances “Angel dust”  “B Movie”  “Blue Collar” (live@Dissonanze 2010)  “Don’t Give Up” “Gil Scott-Heron and Common NYC Summer Stage (2010)” “Heron at Coachella 2010: Blue Collar” “In the Bottle” (Woodstock 94) “Is […]

The Coverage Of…GIl Scott Heron’s Video Interviews

[Compiled By Kenton Rambsy] Over the past eight years, Gil Scott-Heron has given interviews ranging on a variety of subjects from his musical inspirations to his boyhood experiences in the South. The HBW has compiled a list of video interviews by Gil Scott-Heron over the last ten years to honor his legacy.  Interviews Over the Past 10 Years The Guardian Exclusive- Gil Scott-Heron Interview […]

The Coverage Of…The Passing of Gil Scott-Heron

[Compiled by Kenton Rambsy]  To honor the legacy of Gil Scott-Heron and track the extensive online coverage of his life and work, the HBW has compiled a list of the most popular websites which feature information on the late poet/musician/scholar. Online Newspapers From the archives: In conversation with Gil Scott-Heron- By T’Cha Dunlevy (The Montreal Gazette) Gil Scott-Heron, Voice of Black Protest Culture, Dies at […]