49 African American Novels on Wikipedia

[Compiled By Kenton Rambsy] The following list showcases novels in our “100 Novels Project” and their corresponding Wikipedia pages. Out of 100 novels in our project, 49 novels have Wikipedia pages of some sort. We have organized the novels into three categories and by chronological order: Extensive, General, and Limited Overviews: Extensive overviews offer publication information, plot summaries, character lists, references to pop culture and […]

Suffering And Redemption in Four African-American novels

[By Goyland Williams] In a previous post, I discussed the presence of suffering as a dominant theme in African-American novels. Given the long and brutal history of black people, it is no surprise that literary renderings attempt to capture the historical and harsh treatment of a striving people. In this post, I will highlight a few novels that capture the diverse ways in which suffering […]

Protest and Organized Resistance in 5 Black Novels

[By Kenton Rambsy] Representations of organized resistance efforts have appeared in noted works by black writers for over 100 years. Similar to organizers for Occupy Wall Street, some black novelists have sought to present large numbers of people protesting unfair or unjust practices. As previously mentioned, Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man offers one take one a figure becoming involved in protest movements. The following 5 novels […]

6 Afrofuturistic Albums and Novels

[By Goyland Williams] In a yesterday’s post, I discussed the concept Afrofuturism and the connections between black music and literature. While Parliament-Funkadelic’s Mothership Connection and Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man were the first two works that jumped out at me as Afrofuturistic, my continued interest in the subject has lead me to seek out other texts and works of art that fall into this category.   […]

Where are the Girls? : 5 Novels That Focus on Black Girls

[By Goyland Williams] In my last post, I mentioned Toni Morrison’s motivation and sense of urgency for writing The Bluest Eye as stemming from her concern that far too many novels failed to acknowledge and fully develop young black girls as central characters. An exploration of African American novels that place attention on young black girls, such as Pecola Breedlove, present readers with both similar […]

5 Rebel Writers During Slavery

 [By Alysha Griffin] In the same way that threats of violence did not always dissuade  slaves’ attempts to escape, the threat of injury or even death was not enough to keep many African Americans quiet. In some instances, African Americans made the pen mightier than the whip.    Maria Stewart (1803-1879)   “ It is not the color of the skin that makes the man, […]

Men and Migration–Revisited

[By Kenton Rambsy] The movement of black people from the South to the North stands out as a major recurring theme in African American literature. Looking at a select few black male novelists work will reveal how migrations patterns are expressed through fictive representations of black male protagonists. Rudolph Fisher’s short story “City of Refuge,” Charles W. Chesnutt’s shorty story “The Wife of His Youth,” […]