Blogging About African American Literature—Various Topics related to Black Novels and Autobiographies

♦100 Novels: Trend Analyses Project—February 22, 2011 ♦The Great Migration—March 1, 2011 ♦Men and Migration—Revisited—March 15, 2011 ♦Black Men, Education, and Political Activism—March 29, 2011 ♦Literary Traditions: Education and Political Activism—April 5, 2011 ♦Black Men and Informal Educational Networks—April 12, 2011 ♦Education and Revolution: Reading the novels of Sutton E.Griggs and Toni Morrison—April 19, 2011 ♦How Richard Wright’s Mother and Grandmother Taught him to Revere […]

African American Literary History—Timelines and Resources

♦The Evolution of Novel Covers—December 1, 2011 ♦The Growing Importance of Authors Awarded Fellowships—December 2, 2011 ♦49 African American Novels on Wikipedia—December 5, 2011 ♦The Growing Importance of Formal Education—December 6, 2011 ♦The Prominence of NYC, Chicago, and California—December 7,2011 ♦The Significance of Novel Time Period—December 8, 2011 ♦Black Literary Images (1)—March 18, 2013 ♦Literary Vantage Points: Multiple Perspectives of James Baldwin—May 2, 2011 ♦Literary […]

Digital Humanities

♦Mixtapes, Digital Humanities, and Black Studies—October 17,2012 ♦Black Studies and Digital Humanities: A Growing List of Online Resources—October 18, 2012 ♦Text Mining: Two Short Stories By Zora Neale Hurston and Richard Wright—November 12, 2012 ♦Access Stunts Digital Studies in Black Literature—October 15, 2012 ♦Digital Humanities: Blogging About Black Culture—September 26, 2011 ♦Digital Perspective—March 28, 2011

Various Entries on Black Literature and Rap Genius

♦Rap Genius and Black Literature—March 25, 2013 ♦7 Ways that Rap Genius Assists Digital African American Literary Scholarship—April 2, 2013 ♦Follow Up: 7 Links That Demonstrate Rap Genius’s Connection To Digital African American Literary Scholarship—April 3, 2013 ♦Jay-Z, Zora Neale Hurston, and Rap Genius: African American Expressive Culture and “Swag”—April 15, 2013 ♦What Literary Scholars Can Learn from Rap Genius—October 16,2012