Ann B. Garvin: Educator, Advocate for Women, Children and Youth

Continuing our celebration of “hidden figures” in Kansas, Dr. Maryemma Graham sat down with Mrs. Ann B. Garvin to discuss her lifelong commitment to education and advocacy for women, children and youth.   [By Dr. Maryemma Graham] Mrs. Ann B. Garvin lives in the home her late husband built for her, in a somewhat secluded area of southwest Topeka. It’s hard to catch up with her, […]

Early Women Faculty at University of Kansas

[Shelia Bonner] Too often, stereotypes and misinformation—images, stories, and historical records presented to others—obscure existing representations of black women. The previous passage is taken from the “Preface” of Sister Circle, the 2002 collection that celebrates works produced by Black women scholars. In the celebratory fashion of Sister Circle and as we close out Women’s History Month, today’s blog space is dedicated to women of color who were […]

International Women’s Day

Here at HBW we are using Women’s History Month to look at the contributions of women of color here in Kansas and throughout the country. We will be highlighting those who have made contributions to our collective cultural knowledge, as well as those who have become “hidden figures” themselves. On International Women’s Day we support #ADayWithoutAWoman and hope you will too. Here in Lawrence we […]