In Memoriam: Toni Morrison


Credit: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

The Project on the History of Black Writing mourns the death of the incomparable Toni Morrison. A literary icon and our friend, we have long admired her brilliance, literary genius, and love of our culture. There are simply no words to describe the impact Toni Morrison has made on all of us as readers, writers, and researchers. Equally there are no words to fully capture the imprint she has left on our collective identity. Join us in lifting up her memory and reflecting on her legacy.

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Language Mattersa national educational and service initiative of the Toni Morrison Society. Established in 2001, it provided opportunities for interactive dialogue among school teachers and between teachers and scholars, and to create appropriate instructional materials for those teaching imaginative literature, especially the novels of Toni Morrison in secondary school classrooms. Language Matters was coordinated by HBW and was a three-time NEH grant recipient.

Language Matters IV with Toni Morrison at the Bellevilloise Cultural Center, November 5, 2010. All photos, unless other noted, Credit: C.B.Claiborne


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Morrison mural in Paris, unveiled during  Legion of Honor Award festivities in 2010. Graffiti artist unknown.


Morrison unveiling a “Bench by the Road” commemorating  the abolition of slavery in Paris, France, 2010.


Morrison with Richard Danielpour, Hank and Billye and Billye Aaron, New York premiere of opera “Margaret Garner,” 2005


Credit: Jack Mitchell/Getty Images





“We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.” – Toni Morrison

Rest in Peace Chloe A. “Toni” (Wofford) Morrison