Four Ways to Commemorate Dr. King on MLK Day

[By Kyndall Delph, DeAsia Paige, and Mona Ahmed] Martin Luther King Jr. Day is always celebrated on the third Monday in January across the United States to recognize his birthday, which is on Jan. 15. After King’s assassination in 1968, a public campaign by social activists, government officials and musicians (Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” was used to popularize the campaign) began to urge the government […]

The Black Album: 15th Anniversary

cover photo for The Black Album By:  [Robbin Williams] The Black Album is Jay-Z’s best solo work. Some of this has to do with the time when it came out. In 2003, Jay was arguably the most successful rapper ever. He had survived a beef with Nas, his only real competition for the title “King of New York,” and no one else at the time […]


  [By Jerry Ward Jr.]    When a writer uses the findings of the social sciences regarding anger to produce an explanatory narrative, the writer’s good intentions may provoke anger and a vision of despair.  How many readers find comfort when the reflection of their faces in a Mirror of Truth stares at them with contempt?  Charles Duhigg, an accomplished writer of a certain kind, […]

Zero Tolerance Policy: The Realities Underneath

  M. B. M. [By: Ellee Rogers] In April, Attorney General Jeff Sessions implemented the inhumane, heartbreaking “zero tolerance” policy for people crossing the border into the United States. Within the next five weeks after this taking place, 2,300 children  have been torn away from their loved ones, proving the dismal truth that the America we are now molding isn’t “America first,” as Trump preaches, […]